Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß Paragraph 10 Absatz 3 MDStV:

Claudia M. Herrmann

Telefon: +49(0)89-59 94 38 70 or 0176-25 35 23 27

Spirkastraße 4
83313 Siegsdorf

Kontaktanschrift in München:
Maistraße 28
80337 München

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Lives in Transition Diplom-Psychologin Claudia M. Herrmann coaching counseling · consulting for expatriates How to cope successfully with expatriate life: I offer an individually designed psychological approach to your current situation, with intensive one-on-one consultations. My program of seven sessions (standard package) is based on research into social psychological stress and coping which has been conducted at top U.S. universities. It focuses on basic beliefs and cognitive and behavioral skills essential for a stressresistant lifestyle. My coaching methods optimize your C C C : challenge · commitment · control These terms reflect a specific set of attitudes toward life which stress-resistant people have: • an openness to change • a feeling of involvement in whatever they are doing • a sense of control over their life I coach great people like you who face a transition, to stay healthy and fulfilled. The input I provide as a coach helps you to regain control, flexibility, resilience, and productivity. Does this sound familiar to you? Normally, you are highly effective and always strive for excellence in a new environment. But now you find yourself in the midst of a major life transition. You are experiencing stress and finding it difficult to cope with this new situation. Culture shock, the daily challenges you face as an expatriate, and a life that is not like it was before, are affecting your quality of life, your health, or that of your partner or family. You are now ready to relocate emotionally, not only physically, and to profit from your new intercultural experience.

Why should I be your coach? I was trained as a social psychologist at the University of Michigan. My master’s degree is in psychology from the Free University of Berlin. I was an enthusiastic teacher and researcher in the field of stress and coping with critical life events for a 10-year period at these two universities. I have also worked successfully for many years as a manager of public health issues and in the field of international economic relations in Germany. My mission now is to coach, counsel, and train people to manage life’s challenges well. I can provide effective support for expatriates in Germany thanks to my • expertise as a psychologist and counselor • intercultural education and training • wide-ranging professional experience in different administrative settings Culture shock for expatriates is a fact. I can assist you in gaining the confidence, the energy, and the necessary skills to take advantage of the opportunities that your life transition has created. I listen attentively and with compassion. I provide respectful feedback and engage clients in genuine and non-judgmental dialogue. “I can guide you to the point, where your overseas experience is satisfying and your work effective.” I coach both in German and in English. “I can help you enhance your coping skills to create the desired change.”